Flight Review: Fly like a boss with VietJet Air

On a direct flight to Perth on Vietjet Air, I had the chance to fly in the unique SkyBoss class. Admittedly, the flight from Vietnam’s capital to Perth required an ungodly wake-up call from my hotel in District 1 to catch the 6.30am flight, but since it was direct, my flight to Perth on Vietjet had me home in just over six hours. And you can’t complain about that, especially when flying in the Skyboss class, Vietjet’s answer to Premium Economy.

By flying direct to Australian capital cities, including the flight to Perth with Vietjet five times a week, Vietnam has now become easily accessible to Australians, opening it up as a new non-stop destination that many travellers mightn’t have considered before. The direct routes have also made Australia a viable option to Vietnamese travellers too, especially those reconnecting with family.

Offering affordable travel as a budget airline, Vietjet sets itself apart with its customer service, which I personally experienced. As soon as I was shown to my seat, I was greeted with water and hand wipes – I vaguely remember the glory days of travel when all flights began this way. They helped me place my hand luggage in the overhead storage – a greatly appreciated gesture by this vertically challenged traveller, which I wished more airlines considered. Before take-off, I also received a care pack that included a cosy blanket, face mask and an inflatable pillow. Given the early hour, that snuggly blanket came in handy for napping even though the temperature was very comfortable even without the extra layer.

The excellent level of service continued throughout the flight, with one of the flight attendants personally going through the menu with me for breakfast and lunch. The dishes were delicious and substantial with breakfast consisting of Singapore noodles and a boiled egg, as well as hot and cold drinks. Lunch was pho garnished with a plentiful amount of herbs and chilli, a comforting dish I haven’t encountered on a plane before that I highly recommend if you ever get the chance. The flight attendants were also quick to remove the dirty dishes away so I could get back to my nap and One2 Fly inflight magazine as soon as possible. With only a few rows dedicated to Skyboss at the front of the plane, our curtained-off area had a dedicated toilet and roomy seats that reclined far enough back for a comfortable nap, and if you get the chance, I’d recommend the very front row for the extra leg room and so there’s no-one in front of you.

Those travelling in the Skyboss class are also treated to lounge access prior to flying with endless coffee, tea, soft drinks and snacks. Here’s a tip so you don’t waste any time finding that early morning caffeine hit, the lounge at the Tan Son Nhat International Airport is nestled between gates 17 and 18, which was very convenient as my flight left from gate 17. It’s worth getting to the airport as early as possible to not only make the most of the lounge but also to navigate your way through immigration and security, including the obligatory water confiscation on the final round of security just before boarding the plane, thanks to Australia’s strict customs regulations. The dedicated Skyboss check-in counter at the airport, however, does help to speed up the process.

Even if you’re not flying Skyboss, you can prebook your seats, meals, luggage, Sky Joy loyalty program and Sky Care insurance at the time of booking your flight. Regardless of which class you fly, and this might seem like a superficial thing to mention, but I really liked the flight attendant’s cute uniforms, consisting of chequered (and sensible) shorts, fitted red tops with a chequered trim adorned with flying wings and badges, a brown belt, red heels, matching red lipstick and a stylish plaid hat. These youthful uniforms designed by European designers channelling army cadet uniforms added an element of fun and have won awards for their innovativeness.

Since launching the direct flight to Perth on Vietjet between Ho Chi Minh City in November 2023, discounted flights seemed to be ongoing, and I’ll leave you to scroll through the dates to find these incredible deals to suit your travel plans with connections to many other parts of Vietnam and Asia including Thailand, Korea, India, Japan, China, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Laos, Myanmar and Cambodia.

Ho Chi Minh City is a vibrant city whether you’re exploring markets, temples, high-end shopping and dining, street food or joining the relentless throng in amongst the traffic in this city that never seems to sleep. I stayed at the Hotel Majestic and here are some other highly recommended hotels in District 1.

Full disclosure, I was hosted by VietJet on my Skyboss flight home. One-way flights between Perth and Ho Chi Minh City start from $121.96 so don’t wait to get planning your next Vietnamese adventure. Click here to book your flights direct with VietJet Air and here are some of the perks of flying Skyboss 










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