Welcome to the wonderful world of Fluffy Towel Travel, dedicated to travel for women loving their fluffy towels.

Travel for women can be exhilarating, transformative and sometimes daunting whether it’s with friends, families, lovers or as solo female travellers. Embarking on a journey already takes you out of your comfort zone but knowing there’s a fluffy towel waiting at the end of the day can make any escapade a little less intimidating. This travel blog isn’t about ticking off experiences and destinations, it’s about embarking on untapped odysseys through storytelling. We’ll delve into the practicalities of planning and the logistics of navigating unfamiliar terrains. Together we’ll embrace the spirit of adventure and indulge in our shared wanderlust for travel for women.

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Let’s satisfy those wanderlust yearnings and plan your next trip. You don’t even need to know where you want to go with Skyscanner when you select the “Explore Everywhere” option. You don’t need to nail down those dates yet either when you select the whole month giving you the option of booking the cheapest flights and best dates to suit your requirements. This is the equivalent of showing up at the airport and booking the next appealing flight, except you’ll have packed appropriately in advance.




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