Why I spent my milestone birthday at Uluru

It’s not every day you celebrate a milestone birthday, in fact, it’s probably once a decade. It was only fitting I chose to travel to Australia’s most iconic destination for my most iconic milestone birthday. Overwhelmed by the size of...


The Best of Western Australia’s Frankland River

I’ve been dreaming of a romantic cabin in the woods for a long time – as long as it has fluffy towels, internet and good coffee. Situated in the Great Southern region of Western Australia, the Frankland River region delivers...


A Gourmet Road Trip from Albany to Denmark

On our road trip from Albany to Denmark, the air is thick with burning wood fires on the approach into the Great Southern region of Western Australia. We’re on a gourmet hunt in an Apollo campervan through Albany, Denmark, Pemberton...


Divine Diversity: Holier Than Cebu

There are 7,000 islands in the Philippines but not all of them are famed for their beaches. On Cebu, Magellan’s Cross looms above, a larger than life relic to Christianity, but forget about the stoic tradition of Catholicism as this...


The hottest food tour in Manila

I have a confession while on a food tour in Manila. My attention isn’t entirely focused on the food on the Big Binondo Food Wok Tour through Manila’s Chinatown. For starters, I’m a little bit star-struck and secondly, it’s so...


Can Oracle Cards Predict the Future of Travel?

Now that international travel is back, no doubt you’ve already come across many listicles (some I’ve probably even written) announcing the latest hotspots to visit. But I invite you to take an alternative approach to your travel plans and predictions...


The High Line: A New York City Favourite

Built on a historic and elevated rail line, the High Line was destined for demolition until the community and City of New York rallied together and converted it into public green space. Since its opening in 2009, the High Line...


Luxury at the Viceroy Bali

Heaven forbid you only had one night in Ubud, but if you did, then the Viceroy Bali is THE place to stay. No need to negotiate the traffic, simply send for a helicopter to collect you from the airport and...


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