A funny thing happened at the Ayurveda spa in Sri Lanka

Receiving an Ayurveda treatment is a life-changing experience for the body, mind and soul – but be prepared to have your Western sensitivities challenged, as I discovered on a recent trip to an Ayurveda spa in Sri Lanka.


South Sri Lanka’s best elephant safaris and beaches

Some of Sri Lanka’s best elephant safaris and beaches can be found in the south of this magical tear-shaped island. Foreigners, burquas, and children bob along to the rhythm of boats along the curvaceous bay of Unawatuna. The scents of coconut...


Why I spent my milestone birthday at Uluru

It’s not every day you celebrate a milestone birthday, in fact, it’s probably once a decade. It was only fitting I chose to travel to Australia’s most iconic destination for my most iconic milestone birthday. Overwhelmed by the size of...


Escaping India on Kerala’s Alleppey Backwater Cruise

Escaping India’s chaos and eye-watering smog, we set sail aboard a houseboat on an Alleppey backwater cruise in Kerala. Located in the southwest corner of India and covering the Kollam, Kottayam, Alappuzha and Kochi districts, the waterways snake for 900 kilometres....


Koh Samui: one of the best travel destinations for couples

It’s easy to understand why Koh Samui is one of the best travel destinations for couples, as the night promises all the drama of a tropical storm. There was a time not that long ago when boutique accommodation, fine dining...


A Singapore Schwing: Fun date ideas in Singapore

Teeming with food, bars, shopping, wildlife, day spas and swanky hotels, Singapore has all the vices covered. The diamond-shaped compact metropolis may be deemed unadventurous for the intrepid traveller but is ideal for swooning lovers looking for fun date ideas...


6 Naked Mini-breaks

What’s more enticing than frolicking with your lover without a care in the world? Well, whisking your naked beloved off to a secluded location donning little more than a smile would probably trump it. Here are some exciting mini breaks,...


Sri Lanka’s Galle Literary Festival: Sex in a Sarong

During Sri Lanka’s Galle Literary Festival in 2011, I was thrilled to meet Candace Bushnell, the author of Sex and the City. To arrive at her Sex in a Sarong party on Taprobane Island, I waded through water – it...


7 Remote Romantic Getaways in Western Australia

There’s nothing quite like being whisked away to luxury digs where the signature dish is romance. Why not go all out and head to a remote pocket of our huge state where no one will hear your cries of glory...


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