Travel Writers Radio: Under the Sri Lankan spell

On this episode of Travel Writers Radio, I had the opportunity to chat about – Sri Lanka – one of my favourite destinations with Graeme Kemlo. I was lucky enough to return to in March on a famil with the Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau for the #sosrilanka campaign in a kaleidoscope of curry, tuk-tuks, elephants, dancers, Ayurveda, more curry and dancers and plenty of Sri Lankan hospitality.

I’m not the only one under its spell, as author Arthur C Clarke spent many decades living in Sri Lanka for its underwater wonderland and relaxed way of life. In fact, he wrote 2001: A Space Odyssey on the island and believed there is a gravitational anomaly that will always draw you back once you’ve visited the south coast. I’ve been a few times and hope to return many more times – perhaps there is some truth to this intriguing theory. Maybe you agree too and here are some hotel options in southern Sri Lanka?

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