Take the stress out of social media

With more businesses working remotely and relying on social media to market themselves, it’s not surprising our Facebook accounts have become cluttered. Just as we would give our homes a spring clean, by decluttering our Facebook pages and groups, we can take the stress out of social media and focus more on doing the things we enjoy.

While many of us have got the hang of creating a content plan, scheduling posts and building a following, how many of us truly know who our Facebook followers are? It’s quite likely many of them aren’t authentic and more concerning, it’s difficult to stop them from infiltrating our social media accounts.

These are all important questions but more to the point, who has time to find out? Just as you would outsource any skill-set important to your business, there is one lady who specialises in taking the stress out of social media.

Gillian Hartley has successfully built Clear Your Space by specialising in decluttering other people’s homes and lives. And as we live in a virtual world as much as a material one, it was only natural for Gillian to evolve online. For the second time in her business, she approached someone she trusted, profile-builder Vanessa Talbot, but this time to offer her decluttering services for Vanessa’s Facebook group. “I cleaned out all the “marketeers” who call themselves coaches and the spammers. Membership numbers went down but engagement increased.”

Warning against the coaches out there promising six figures and a cookie clutter approach, Gillian stresses the importance of building connections. And as for Marie Kondo, “I don’t agree with her approach because life often gets in the way. I prefer to schedule in 15-minute slots and focus on manageable tasks so by the end of the week you have achieved something without getting overwhelmed.”

A natural at helping others organise themselves, Gillian addresses the psychology of clutter. By decluttering the mindset of her clients, she helps them change their habits so they don’t return to an overwhelming state again. “By taking the stress out of social media for my clients, I leave more time for business owners to focus on their business.”

I don’t know about you, but having someone else declutter my Facebook page sounds like bliss to me.

If you’d like someone to help you take the stress out of social media, contact Gillian Hartley at [email protected]  or connect with her at Clear Your Space.

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