Can Oracle Cards Predict the Future of Travel?

Now that international travel is back, no doubt you’ve already come across many listicles (some I’ve probably even written) announcing the latest hotspots to visit. But I invite you to take an alternative approach to how you plan your travel for 2022 by tapping into your intuition through the use of Oracle cards.


What are Oracle cards?


Similar to Tarot cards, oracle cards are revered among many for their ability to deliver messages while bringing clarity to love, relationships, health, career, finances and travel.


Oracle cards are enlightening because they bring to the forefront the paths available to us that we might not have even been aware of. They are a fantastic way to tap into future timelines as well as past and present energies. Essentially, they are designed as a tool for moving forward and with this guidance, you have the power to make changes.


The laws of attraction guide Oracle cards. So, ask that burning question. Should I travel overseas in 2022? Should I start a Youtube travel channel? Is this a good time to work remotely from a villa in Ubud? The Oracle cards will provide an answer, but it’s up to you to interpret the information. Naturally, nothing is set in stone, but by tapping into the vibrations and armed with newfound knowledge, you can welcome the information or make a change.

How do oracle cards work?


Six things to know about an Oracle card reading:


  1. Infuse the cards with your energy by knocking on them three times just before using them. Keeping them close by and regularly playing with them will help transfer your energy.
  2. Before you start with a reading, be clear about where you need guidance. Take a deep breath and remain present in the moment while inviting your energy into the process.
  3. Make sure you shuffle the cards well, cut the deck into two or three piles, and then restack them together.
  4. Spread out the cards and allow your intuition to guide you towards a card for selection.
  5. Each card has its meaning written on it, which makes extracting wisdom simple. Once you’ve made your selection, read the card’s message and then refer to the guidebook for a deeper meaning.
  6. While each card delivers its own message when paired with another card, the combination presents different meanings and interesting interpretations. After you have drawn the first card and discovered its meaning, draw a second card and then refer to the guidebook for the list of paired cards for the interpretations of the combination.

The Rider and The Clover

For example, if you draw the Rider, it’s a positive sign indicating opportunities, a new situation or the arrival of an individual. The Rider also means several things including a career change, that you’re moving forward, that answers related to your job are coming or things are beginning to improve.  And then if you draw the Clover, which means ‘good fortune, luck or a happy twist of fate,’ combined with the Rider, this could mean luck is on the way and you’re about to embark on an exciting adventure.

On the basis of that reading, I think that’s a resounding “Yes!” to all of those questions asked above.



Are Oracle cards the same as Tarot cards?


No, Tarot cards are traditionally structured with usually 78 cards in the deck with common meanings and themes running through them. Oracle cards, on the other hand, are free-flowing and there is no set number of cards. Oracle cards hold their energy on a higher level and give an overall greater sense of what’s going on, whereas Tarot cards can provide more detailed interpretations.



Where can I buy a set of Oracle cards?


Perth-based publisher Carina Hoang has conceptualised an exquisite set of Oracle cards and launched Oracle of the Orient. Carina teamed up with graphic designer and artist Corinne Lorraine, so not only are the cards a poignant way to tap into your intuition while seeking guidance, but they are also a celebration of original artworks. Click here to buy your set of oracle cards.

Each card elegantly portrays the traditions, nature and beauty of the Orient. In addition to 36 Oracle cards and a guidebook, there are eight wisdom cards carrying words of compassion and insight by Buddhist monk and Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh. Oracle cards were originally published in 1846 by Marie Anne Le Normand, one of the most prolific fortune-tellers of her time whose clients included Napoleon and Josephine.


Not only does the Oracle of the Orient provide guidance from the universe, but they are also a wonderful treat for yourself or a gift for someone special.


What other people say about the Oracle of the Orient


“A reading from the Oracle of the Orient is always a feel-good moment to brighten your day. I liken them to your ABCs – Always Be Celebrating! I love sharing the joy of these uplifting cards with my family, friends and clients.” Kelly Romano, Kelly Romano Photography

“Oracle of the Orient is a unique gift for yourself and others for any occasion.” – Carina Hoang, Carina Hoang Publishing

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