6 tips to get your home ready for sale

Get your home ready for sale

Perth’s property market is booming at the moment. Perhaps you’re considering putting your house on the market but are feeling overwhelmed at where to start to get your home ready for sale? Here are a few tips to get your home market-ready so you can achieve the best price possible. Then you can focus on the fun stuff like house hunting.

Find a good agent

It’s always a good idea to find out who the highest-selling agents are in your area and REIWA has an online Agent Finder that lists the agent’s total number of sales in the last twelve months. It’s worth conducting some field research by attending their home opens to see if they are someone you would be comfortable working with. If that’s not possible, see how responsive they are by email and over the phone will give some indication about their selling technique. Have a few questions ready about their process, their price guide and how they intend on marketing your home. It’s always a good idea to work with an agent who engages with a professional copywriter and photographer to ensure your property is marketed to a high standard.
Get your home ready for sale

First Impressions Count

If you do nothing else to get your home ready for sale, then always ensure the entrance is clean and inviting. Curb appeal is very important as many buyers will do a drive-by in advance of the home open. Ensure your garden is free of weeds and rubbish, the paths and gutters are clean and that the lawn is mowed. A freshly painted fence and front door and a few potted plants can make a big impact.
Get your home ready for sale


No doubt you’ve heard this before and I can’t stress the importance of making sure your potential buyers can visualise themselves or their tenants in the space. It can be hard for someone to picture themselves living there if there’s too much furniture, clutter or personal items. Decluttering can be a daunting prospect, so start with the main living areas and make room in your cupboards so you have somewhere easy to store things away. Keep your surfaces clear and with minimal home décor items and don’t forget your walls – less is more can make a big impact.


A renovation before selling mightn’t be a viable option but there are a few low-cost things you can do to improve your chances of selling. Giving the walls a fresh coat of paint instantly lifts the space and in the process gives you the opportunity to fix any holes in the walls. If you can’t face painting the whole house, then focus on the entrance and main living areas and at the very least clean the other walls free of scuff marks. Don’t forget to address anything that’s broken (e.g. tiles, windows or appliances), neglected repairs, blown light bulbs and so forth. Renovating the kitchen and bathroom might not be an option but you might be able to update the countertops and doors, tapware and light fittings and re-grout the tiles to modernise the rooms. If you’re not the handiest of people, use a handyman for a professional job.
Get your home ready for sale


There’s no excuse for having a dirty home during your home inspections. Cleaning is relatively easy and inexpensive and once you’ve done the initial spring clean and declutter, it should be easy to maintain. It’s important to ensure the windows are washed, you’ve dusted every nook and cranny (including the skirting boards, window sills, window dressings, light switches and the tops of furniture), the walls are clean and free of marks where possible, the oven and fridge are sparkling clean and your home is cobweb free. If you can afford it, have your home and carpets professionally cleaned in the lead-up. It goes without saying that your bathroom and kitchen need to immaculately clean and free of mould and clutter – after all, do you really want potential buyers knowing which brand of shampoo you prefer?

Open for inspection

The big day has arrived and it’s your first home open. You’ve done all the hard work and now it’s up to the real estate agent to work their magic. But there’s just a few more things to remember before you welcome in all those potential buyers. Indoor plants and soft furnishings can add a sense of comfort. If possible, walk your dog or relocate your pets for the duration of the home open. Don’t forget to put those final bits of clutter away, empty the bins, give the floors and countertops a final clean, open the windows, turn on the lights and plump up those cushions.

Good luck!



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