6 Naked Mini-breaks

What’s more enticing than frolicking with your lover without a care in the world? Well, whisking your beloved off to a secluded location wearing little more than a smile would probably trump it. Here are six exciting mini-breaks, after all, who says you have to wait for a honeymoon to get naked.

1. Bare bottom Luxury

Nourish what lies within and escape to a secluded resort where the guests are welcome to shed their unhealthy habits along with their clothes. Some nudist resorts embrace naturism to the full extent with raw, vegan or vegetarian menus where stimulants like alcohol, tobacco and even caffeine are taboo. What might be missed from the menu and mini-bar is made up for with luxe rooms and indulgent pampering treatments often accompanied by the sound of lapping waves. Australia has 57 naturist campsites for a more rustic experience back to nature. Lengthy packages are ideal for a full de-stress, although there’s the risk you’ll forget to go home by the end of it.

2. Nudist Beaches

You might be surprised to discover just how many nudist beaches there are, especially in Australia, which has been ranked in the world’s top five with 66 nudist beaches. Nudism is only partly legal in Australia and sometimes they’re an extension of your everyday beach where kids and pets frolic with designated areas for nudism while other times they’re on deserted beaches, often with stunning rainforest or cliff backdrops and endless horizons. Truly a naturist’s paradise. Here are a few suggestions of the best skinny dipping spots and Australia’s 6 nudist beaches.

3. An Undressed De-stress

Embracing the Japanese of a traditional bathhouse, as known as an onsen, believe it or not bathing with strangers can be a relaxing and sensual experience, especially when followed up with some shiatsu. The bathing is generally single-sex depending on their policy and there are several bathing styles ranging from hot springs, bedrock baths with detoxifying qualities and concentrated carbonated rock baths. Once you shed your tiny towel provided to wipe away the sweat (only novices use it for privacy) you’ll soon forget all about everyone else’s nakedness as any tension melts away with your inhibitions. Onsens aren’t only found in Japan and I once stumbled on one in Melbourne and there are bathhouses all over Australia and beyond.

4. Bare Boating

Although not officially designed for bare bottoms, why wouldn’t you want to sail the seas as free as the day you were born. Some operators promote nude cruising or you can charter your own vessel and hand-pick your travelling companions and destinations. Bring plenty of sunscreen for obvious reasons. Modesty will prevail once you dock of course – nobody wants to upset the natives.

5. Body painting

Adorning each other’s naked bodies in paint is an expression of creativity and love. It’s also a highly skilled art form and unlike tattoos body painting is temporary. It originally started during indigenous ceremonies and then later as a way of making a statement. There are festivals celebrating this art form but why not join a specialised workshop or simply make it a private affair?

6. Naked weddings

Veil? Tick. Bouquet? Tick. Wedding gown? Optional? Make a head start on the honeymoon and say “I do” with or without your wedding dress.  Once the eye diverting guests recover from seeing the nuptials in all their glory, they may even get into the swing of it when they realise naturism is an expression of freedom. There are resorts that cater especially to naked weddings and once all the guests have gone home, the charms of your honey will truly await.

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