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Stay fit and travel

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Staying in shape while on vacation can be difficult especially with the changes (and temptations) in your eating habits, environment and sleeping schedules throwing your usual routine out the window. Although a departure from the norm is kind of the point of travel, you can still stay healthy. Work-out sessions can be difficult to squeeze in while on the road, high seas, mountain ranges, hot air balloon or exotic waves, but these tips by guest blogger Gavin Apter, innovator of Fit Daypass, should keep you fit in all senses of the word.

1.  Walking after meals has been shown to aid digestion, especially with foreign, spicy or rich foods your body may not be used to. A post dinner walk also helps with lowering blood sugar levels and helps you drift off to sleep faster; a huge help with the all-consuming jetlag.

Walking the Brooklyn Bridge certainly helped my jetlag

Walking the Brooklyn Bridge certainly helped my jetlag

Yoga can be done anywhere

Yoga can be done anywhere

2. While on vacation, people are 3 times more likely to exercise indoors versus outside. This is probably because they don’t know where to go outside to get some exercise. You can try doing laps around a park, soft sand runs on the beach or ditch the taxi and walk back to your hotel after your last daytime activity.

3. Trying new foods is great fun, and part of the joy of traveling and experiencing new cultures. Small plates or tapas style restaurants are a lovely and fun way to try a bunch of different dishes, without going overboard. Some people like to plan ahead so if they’re going to have a big dinner, they’ll choose more carefully at lunch time.

Who says healthy food can't be fun?

Who says healthy food can’t be fun?

4. If your hotel doesn’t have a gym, try a local one. Some gyms sell day passes, although this can be less common in major cities. Fit Daypass, for example, offers day passes to over 25 gyms in New York City from just $9.95. gym workout

5. Bring your own equipment. A few resistance bands or a compact yoga mat can be used in a variety of different ways. Resistance bands also come in different strength levels but try using them s-l-o-w-l-y for an extra burn during your workout

6. Don’t forget to pack your workout clothes. It will get you in the right mood for your session, and even if you’re faking it, you’ll at least look the part. If you can’t squeeze your full clobber in your luggage, try a low-impact exercise like the elliptical machine, rowing, cycling or swimming.

7. There are a lot of activities geared towards tourists that are also a workout. Instead of the bus, take the walking tour. Spend an extra hour exploring the museum or zoo. Snorkeling, sailing and surfing can be high-intensity exercises if you want them to be! surfers

  1. If you are pressed for time, try a high intensity workout. We recommend one full minute of pushups, lunges, jumping jacks and burpees. Repeat twice, with a one minute break in between. This is 9 minute workout that will get your heart rate racing and leave you calm but energized for the rest of the day.
  1. There are many websites that release free workout videos like Fitness Blender, YouTube and GaiaimTV. You can stream these from your computer or to your hotel room’s TV. Your hotel might be able to lend you a yoga mat or other equipment to use in your room.


10. Personal trainers can be a great way to interact with a local who isn’t involved in the hospitality or tourism industry. A quick google of “personal trainer (city)” should uncover an expert who will not only give you a good workout but also a unique local perspective.

Gavin Fit DaypassFormer investment banker Gavin Apter grew up in Sydney and has spent the last 3 years in New York City where he started Fit Daypass. Revolutionising the way we visit the gym, Fit Daypass allows travelers to stay fit with single day passes to over 25 gyms in NYC, Brooklyn and Queens. No membership is required and you just pay per session. With about 10 gyms in midtown alone, you can do yoga, pilates, crossfit, spin or Zumba to your heart’s content. Passes start at just $9.95 but for $34.95 you can visit exclusive gyms with all the fancy amenities including freshly laundered workout clothes, so all you’ll need are your running shoes. No more excuses for skipping your workout while travelling! Connect with Fit Daypass at www.fitdaypass.com, www.twitter.com/FitDaypass or www.facebook.com/fitdaypass

2013 in a camera case

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camera at sunset

I may be a writer, but as one specialising in travel, this online world demands pretty photos as much, if not more so, as words. Hence, most travel writers are also professional photographers by default.

When packing for a trip the bulk of my luggage is books, beauty products (yes, I know I have a problem) writing materials (including the old fashioned method as well as a laptop) and my Canon with an assortment of lenses. I never seem to …