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If you’d like to work with me, please drop me a line at Here’s a rundown of how I can help you gain authentic exposure.


Writing services

I specialise in the lifestyle genre covering travel, food, culture, arts, entertainment, beauty, wellness and pretty much anything to do with living life to its fullest potential. I write for many formats including brochures, press releases, newsletters, brochures, reviews, websites, blog posts and articles.

I also love writing memoirs and I work with several publishers so if you’ve got a story, I can help you tell it.


Editorial coverage

I’ve been freelancing for approximately 10 years and I have written for many Australian and international publications.

To name but a few, here’s where my work has appeared: Luxury Travel, Have A Go News, Travel2Next, Broadsheet Perth, Travel+Escape, Travel & Leisure Southeast Asia, The Australian, National Geographic Traveller, Mercedes Benz, Scoop, Jetstar, Qatar Airlines, Escape Sunday Times and many more. I’ve also contributed to Hide & Seek Perth, Explore Australia and Great Gourmet Weekends in Australia. I’m also a contributor to Bindu Itineraries due to be launched later in 2016.

I’m a regular contributor to Menu Magazine as well as Premium Publishers who publish the following titles: Primo Life, Your Margaret River Region Magazine, Marry Me, BMW/Marquee and Six Triple Zero.

If you have a story you’d like written I may be able to place a story with a key publication.


Working with brands

The greatest promotion a brand can receive is through independent testimonials, editorial coverage and content exposure. I’ve worked with several hotel, airline, food & beverage, cruise, product and tour companies where I’ve created editorial coverage, press releases, web content and brochures.

If you’d like more exposure for your brand, I can help.


Press trips/famils

I’ve been fortunate to have been invited on press trips or familisations (famils) all over the world including Japan, Launceston, Melbourne, Brisbane, North Carolina, Malaysia, Borneo, Far Northern Queensland, Bali, Thailand, Singapore, Colombia, New York, Sri Lanka, India and Shanghai. Being based in Perth I’ve also been hosted in Broome, Albany, Margaret River, Wagin, Esperance and of course in Perth and its surrounds.

If you’re organising a press trip please get in contact, and once I have a secured commission, I’d be happy to join you.



Perhaps you’re based in Perth or beyond and want your restaurant, hotel, tour or product reviewed? I’m a big believer in supporting local businesses, especially those without their own marketing teams.



If you’d like to be interviewed just drop me a line.

Or, if you’d like to interview me for a publication or podcast, feel free to get in touch. I’m always being asked questions about freelancing and I’m more than happy to share this information.



Any writer is only as good as their editor, and if you already have content perhaps you just need a trained eye to look over it? They don’t call me the word fluffer for no reason!



Perhaps hiring a writer is beyond your means? I understand, I really do and in just a few hours I can come up with a content creation plan ready for you to implement.


Social media

I truly believe you’re the best person to be sharing news on social media about your business, after all, nobody knows it like you do. Social media should stream smoothly into your existing content, not the other way around. Once your content is golden, I’d be more than happy to provide guidance with your social media schedule.