Why you should visit Launceston

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As Big Ben chimes in the background and the autumn colours adorn Launceston, you can almost pretend you’re in the UK. Teeming with art and architecture, some of the freshest produce I ever tasted and the kind of scenery which will turn even the most cynical of travellers snap happy, I can write with complete sincerity that Launceston should be added to many a travel list. And I haven’t even mentioned the locals. Everywhere I went I was given advice as they proudly regaled their favourite aspects of their city.

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To call Launceston charming or quaint seems almost patronising, even though it has it in spades, because it competes with Australia on a grand scale. They can proudly boast their wine, food, scenery and art scene rivals the mainland; if not surpasses it.

Estella Mason's Maghrebi

Perhaps its awesomeness can be attributed to its remoteness? Maybe talent is attracted to the region because of its beauty? Its entirely believable Launceston has the freshest air and cleanest water and as a result is able to grow outstanding fresh produce and vines. The possibilities are endless.

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Here are just 11 Cool things to do in Launceston and The art of Launceston as published on www.traveltherenext.com to whet your appetite.

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