Why should you hire a professional freelance content writer?

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Hiring a professional writer can be as care free as walking the Cape to Cape track

Hiring a professional writer can be as care free as walking the Cape to Cape track

Even in this day and age of DIY renovators, when most of us have a plumbing or electrical issue we hire a professional. Sure, we could Youtube it or find a handy friend to help out but it’s often a false economy, usually with costly and inconvenient consequences. So why would you let someone who doesn’t write for a living write about your valuable brand? Doesn’t it make better business sense to hire a professional freelance content writer to create compelling content?

More often than not, someone in-house is assigned with the task of creating content, usually in addition to their existing workload. This person may be from the PR, marketing or communications department, and quite rightly has a strong focus on selling to an existing audience. They live and breathe your brand, and there’s no denying it, they value your brand. But do they know how to give the audience what they want and need?

As an “outsider,” aka freelancer, I mightn’t initially know all the nuances of your brand, but as a professional writer, I make it my purpose to learn all I can. Professional writers the world over understand the importance of research, and that not only includes studying the assigned topic, but also learning about the audience.

Writers know how to connect and engage with the public in entertaining and engaging ways. We have the skills to create stories in such insightful ways, that we have the ability to make the audience care about your brand.

We already think like publishers and live by the golden rule of writing: Show, don’t tell.

I have 10 years of experience writing for the lifestyle industry and my work has featured widely in magazines, newspapers, books and websites nationally, internationally, and of course locally in my home town, Perth. Last year I worked with tour company Walk into Luxury, which treks a portion of the Cape to Cape track in Western Australia’s Margaret River region. The emphasis of the company is on luxury, food, wine and walking; in that order. I’m not a trekker and yet, I joined one of these stunning tours, with a dreadful cold I might add and immersed myself in the experience; and as a result I wrote, sold and published several articles in leading publications. Here’s a sample from Luxury Travel Magazine Walk on the West Side

If you have a brand you’d like written about perhaps I can help? Please contact me on carmen@fluffytowel.com

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