What a lovely way to burn with Grace Knight

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Grace Knight

Perth holds great sentimental value for Grace Knight as it was her first port of call in Australia and a place she called home for many years. It’s where she formed Eurogliders and confesses if it hadn’t been for her escape from the UK, she may well have become a guest of her Majesty’s.

No doubt the animated performer also holds many dreamy memories for her abundant fan base; she does for me after a performance at Belvoir Ampitheatre several years ago beneath a star-studded sky.

Now we huddle within the intimate enclave of Ellington’s as Grace weaves in and out of life and loves amongst an eclectic musical line-up which includes That Ole Devil Called Love, Moondance and I’m A Woman – a statement no-one could ever argue with. She tells a story of how her mother would play Hank Williams, much to her daughter’s dismay, and all the while Grace was upstairs getting her blues on. Her rendition of Hank Williams’ Your Cheatin’ Heart was simply spellbinding. She crescendoed with a crowd pleasing Fever; what a lovely way to burn.

Grace shares her life with the audience as though she’s having a gossip with a friend and apologises for her flaky memory with, “My memory is like a bowl of minestrone soup; a product of the 80’s I’m afraid.” All the while she shamelessly plugs her new album Keep Cool Fool; claiming to need the funds for a new car and refuses to return to Melbourne with a suitcase full of failure.

It seemed as though no-one, including Grace, wanted to leave. She returned to the stage with the news that Eurogliders would be reforming later in the year. She treated us with a nostalgic Heaven before shimmying off to autograph albums and probably share a few more humorous stories. After such a performance I suspect her suitcase would have returned home empty.

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