‘Tis the season to be silly

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Embrace the silly season with any of the following 10 gifts and your generosity, or there lack of in some instances, will be long remembered after the Xmas tree has been packed away.

1. For the man who loves a bit of bling, get him into these Samurai inspired underpants. http://www.sido-collection.com/shop/ ¥9,240 – ¥8,085


photo courtesy of http://www.sido-collection.com/shop/index.php/samurai/2nd-generation-samurai-underwear/nk-on.html

2. Although debatable about its effectiveness against those infectious nasties, fashionistas with a germ phobia have declared the surgical face mask as their own with these fun designs. Available from http://www.samiraboon.com/wawcs0116336/masks.html



photo courtesy of http://www.samiraboon.com/wawcs0116336/masks.htm

3. For the cheap-sake wanting to entice or discourage their lover, these Anatomical Heart Cards provide a personalised creepy approach to the festive season. Use the template below and go to http://www.cheekymagpie.com/?p=500 for inspiration.

image image


4. Don’t forget to place your meat order at your favourite butchers so you too can design your own meat ensemble to rival Lady Gaga.


photo courtesy of Huffington Post http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2010/09/13/lady-gagas-meat-dress-photos_n_714117.html#144466

5. For the family member in search of eternal youth but can’t afford the surgery, then why not try Mister RinkillOFF. This electric wrinkle remover will circulate those wrinkles right off, and quite possibly an essential layer of skin, with just the push of a button for only $298.00. Available from http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lw6VB658UgY&feature=related



6. For the heiress who has it all, this $3 million iphone has a casing of 271 grams of 22ct solid gold with almost 200 diamonds and a whopping diamond as the front navigation button. Also suitable for lothario’s channelling Shane Warne – guaranteed to give sexting a touch of class. Available from http://stuarthughes.com/newdawn/product_info.php?products_id=57


photo courtesy of http://www.redmondpie.com/the-3-million-dollar-iphone-3gs-supreme-9140152/


7. The flashy heiress will need somewhere to carry her fancy iphone and this Ginza Tanaka handbag rumoured to cost up to $2 million and encrusted with over 2,000 diamonds should do the trick. You’ll get your money’s worth since the handle can be removed and worn as a necklace. www.ginzatanaka.co.jp


photo courtesy of http://www.blavish.com/ginza-tanakas-19-million-handbag-up-for-sale/

8. For the overworked household: Hire a hot hubby to fix all those outstanding maintenance jobs. Getting those annoying chores out of the way while making hubby feel inadequate is guaranteed to please any resentful wife; not to mention the added eye-candy perk. Prices vary and go to http://www.hireahubby.com.au/


photo courtesy of www.hireahubby.com.au

9. For the bratty teenager who’s been begging for a canine friend since birth, why not rent a dog and then when they get tired of the responsibility send the pooch on its way. Check out www.barkshanghai.com


photo courtesy of  http://www.barkshanghai.com/Rent-a-dog-pet-in-shanghai.html

10. For the scorned wife, use Tiger Woods’ preferred golf clubs Nike, and opt for the Forged blade Iron for maximum victory on or off the golf course. Prices start at $1000 AUD http://golfonline.com.au/irons.htm


photo courtesy of http://www.tgw.com/customer/search2.jsp?scid=1092&search2=*KEYWORDS*Nike+Forged+Blades+Irons+%283-PW%29&a1103=blade&a1142=%233-pw&limitmfr=NIKE

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