Put down the bison

filed18 May 2016 from Carmen Jenner CategoriesOutdoors

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The other day as I popped into the shops I noticed a toddler locked in a car alone. I paused wondering if I should intervene. The window was ajar and it wasn’t a hot day anyway and the little girl seemed pretty content with her doll. Who’s to say her mum wasn’t simply returning the trolley or just a short distance away keeping a watchful eye. I decided to not interfere, especially as I had made it through my childhood also being left in the car on many occasions.  I don’t want to dump my mum in it, but I remember being staying in the car with my brood of sisters as my mum “popped” into the shops. At the time I was sure she was leisurely browsing the aisles, and who could blame her wanting a few minutes of peace from her six daughters. But in actual fact, she was racing around at break neck speed trying to source the ingredients for a meal of eight on a tight budget.

I tell this story because a baby bison met a similar fate this week, and although no-one died if my childhood memory serves me well, this bison wasn’t so lucky as a pair of do-gooders visiting Yellowstone National thought they were saving it from freezing to death by putting it in their car. Alas, when the calf was returned to its family, it was rejected and couldn’t be cared for by the park due to the lack of resources and was at risk of contaminating the others and couldn’t be quarantined so it was sadly euthanized.

I wonder if my mum felt rejected too when she was reunited with her ungrateful family. Moral of the  story, don’t interfere with the wildlife…or work with animals or children.

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