More mooning, aka Nakation

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If you read my post on 10 ways to moon your honey post and it left you wanting more (or is that less?) then these adrenaline pumping activities in the buff may satiate. Or if you’ve got any other suggestions, don’t be shy?


Water nymphs:

Public nudity in Asia is generally frowned upon, which makes skinny dipping so thrilling. However, law abiding naked bods should head to Australia to let it all hang out. And while you’re down there, in South Australia, visit the Southern United Naturists. It’s just a shame the Swanbourne Olympics in Western Australia have been cancelled and the “Best Bum” contest, the Tug-O-War, and the Body Painting Competition are no more.


Mile High Club:

Slipping into the loo for a quickie while in the air is risky and detection is highly probable.  Maybe that’s the point with many indiscretions being gobbled up by the media and in some instances the law courts.  There’s always the option of bunking down in your seat with a dancing blanket thrown over you for privacy. You may even get away with it? After all, pilots have been receiving the perks of their position since Pan Am flight stewards started swanning around in girdles and little white gloves. Those with money to burn may prefer to charter their own flight where the sky’s the limit. Mile High Club


Unleashing it from the closet

Come out of the closet in a blaze of glory and be true to yourself and body. While there are gay naturist resorts dotted through-out Asia like Unseen Bali, it doesn’t get any louder or prouder than the Sydney Mardi Gras. The fun explodes in a sea of sequins and feathers in February and parties until March. Although the details remain a surprise until the last moment, the parade takes place early March where floats glitter down Oxford St; but it’s the after party where things get really wild. Oh, to be a star spangled fly on the wall.


Extreme mooning

Getting nude in the tropics is fathomable, but doing it in the snow while on skis or scaling Mount Fuji, or any other mountain for that matter, is hard-core. Some nude skiing slopes are Obertraun in Austria, Copper Mountain and Crested Butte (seriously) in Colorado, Squaw Valley in California and Mt Cheeseman in New Zealand. Unfortunately for the intrepid, nudity was banned on Everest after it was conquered by the Nude Mountaineering Society, but there’s many a peak just waiting to be mounted a la natural.


Tits and giggles

But not quite as hard-core as Jeju Loveland, Korea’s sex theme park, giving the blushing ones some tips for the boudoir, and the experienced a giggle – at the uninitiated.


Playboy Mansion

Lotharios the world over have been awaiting their invitation to party at the Playboy Mansion where the infamous grotto awaits every man’s fantasy. However, it probably looks better while under the influence and adorned by a bevvy of beauties as you’ll notice in I went to the Playboy Mansion (and it was kinda depressing).

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