Love in a time of Corona

filed17 Mar 2020 from Carmen Jenner CategoriesFoodies, Perth, Western Australia

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Ever dreamed of being stranded on a deserted island with all your favourite people, food and creature comforts? Western Australia is kinda like that right now – there are advantages to being so isolated especially during the Coronavirus COVD-19 pandemic we’re currently facing. And while I’m not here to advise or judge your health choices, at the time of writing this Corona hasn’t yet hit the community in Western Australia and self-isolation remains a personal choice.

Like many industries, hospitality and tourism have been hit extremely hard and local restaurants need your support more than ever before. Here’s how you can step away from the toilet paper and help your favourite eateries, not to mention their supporting producers and suppliers, to survive through this challenging time. Hopefully, in the not too distant future, we’ll all be dining out and travelling like its 2019 again.

Shall I stay (home), or shall I go (out)?

A hot topic indeed, but do consider this. Western Australia has exceptionally high health standards particularly in the food industry – we earned the “Nanny State” title for a good reason. With an over supply of cafes those not already practicing good habits wouldn’t remain in business. And if you have made a booking and decide to not go, then please let the restaurant know with as much warning as possible. But with fewer customers, just imagine the personalised service you’ll receive when dining out.

Industry Response

To all the restaurants out there, now is the perfect time to assure your loyal customers you’re doing the right thing. Since so many people are at home, social media is the ideal platform to show the public that you’re taking precautions through video, photos and regular posts. And why not consider some incentives for those who share those posts with some meal deals to keep them coming back.


Ordering takeaway is a great way to support your local restaurants while minimising the risk of exposure. While ordering through a third-party online ordering platform is one way, ordering direct ensures 100% of the profits goes back to the restaurant. If they don’t offer a delivery service, I’m sure they’ll appreciate your support even more if you jump in the car and collect it yourself.

Pay it forward

A good deed today will go a long way to helping the industry. Buying a voucher to your favourite restaurant for yourself or as a gift for someone else to use later will give a much needed boost right now and also further down the track. And don’t forget to tip your waiter. I know its not customary in Perth, but they will appreciate it more than ever and will no doubt reward their favourite customers with extra special service.

Shop local

You can also support the industry by shopping at smaller food outlets. Your local butcher, baker and fresh food outlet will love you for it. I also have a theory that it’s more economical to shop this way as you usually only buy what you need instead of buying what’s packaged in bulk at the supermarket. Plus you’re more likely to have less wastage as fresh food tastes better as it comes direct from the supplier.

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