Gotan Project = tango

filed13 Dec 2010 from Carmen Jenner CategoriesCultural, Paris

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Just as the letters of the word ‘tango’ scramble into ‘gotan’, your perception of the Argentinean art form will morph into the sublime with a Gotan Project concert. My rendezvous with the Parisian electro-tango band began with La Revancha Del Tango. With every beat evocative of an elegant bouncing acrobat on a trampoline, each instrument and member of the group was introduced individually building to a delicate crescendo. From there your climax is held at a heightened state for the duration of the performance. Like the trampolinist, what goes up eventually comes gently floating down, but only after a heady session with Santa Maria (Del Buen Ayre). The slinky, slick, sophisticated, and sexy melodies are sure to seduce the senses, leaving its revellers yearning for more. Fortunately, with the very technology that defines the Gotan Project, fans can continue their love affair at the official Gotan Project web-site

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