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Stars in the Sand: touring Morocco with Jeff Martin

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On the back of a mammoth year of touring and recording, including the release of the Tea Party’s first album in a decade, “The Ocean At the End,” Jeff Martin further delves into the exotic and Middle Eastern melodies on his return visit to Morocco.

Much has been documented about Jeff’s music and mystique, particularly his instrument collection from around the world, which includes the Hurdy Gurdy, Sitar, Harmonium, Oud and a 1916 ‘harp guitar’ all featuring in his productions. Both sensual and powerful, the term “Moroccan Roll” has been coined to describe Jeff’s style but perhaps the best comparison to his unique sound can be matched by the shadows and light of the desert. Stars in the Sand gives his most prized fans the opportunity to know the man behind the raven locks and legend.

Morocco is one of the most diverse countries in Africa with the desert, mountains, coastline and ancient cities all within reach to the traveller. Spend the days immersing yourself in the exotic and the evenings in the presence of Jeff’s nightly raw acoustic performances with Morocco and the entourage as his muse. On this musical odyssey, Travelling My Way Tours and independent Australian record label 93 Records invite guests to behold musical history in the making.

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