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Carmen Jenner is a copywriter, journalist, travel writer, communications consultant and the founder of travel blog Fluffy Towel. She specialises in many industries including tourism, hospitality, aged care, health, real estate, property, business, charities and not-for-profits. Carmen is also the editor of Menu Magazine, catering to the Western Australian hospitality industry and hungry foodies.


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Let’s go to Shanghai for the weekend

filed01 Aug 2013 from

Looking back across The infamous Bund

Looking back across the infamous Bund

Encouraging debaucherous gluttony on a grand scale, Beijing’s glitzy sister leaves its socialist past in a waft of expensive perfume. Join me for a weekend of extravagance in Shanghai.

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The futuristic skyline of Pudong

The futuristic skyline of Pudong

SHARING SHANGHAI: The secrets of Shanghai dumplings

filed06 Mar 2012 from

dumpling perfection

Captured in the dank staircase of the crumbling Art Deco building, we suddenly alight to an industrial kitchen flooded in a dusky glow. Two little old Chinese ladies are pottering around, oblivious to the chaos of Shanghai several floors below. Me, my husband, and our seven-year-old daughter are instructed with gentle gestures and broken English that we’ll be learning how to make pork buns and pearl dumplings today.

Flour is thrown with abandon for the dough which is torn and …