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Hola Colombian coffee

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Coffee cupping with La Jacoba

Coffee cupping with La Jacoba

Oh, the lengths I’ll go to for a decent cup of coffee. Like to the other side of world. I’ll soon be in the city of Pasto, in the department of Narino in south western Colombia, and bordering Equador.

It’s well and truly off the beaten tourist trail and yes, I promise to be careful of machete wielding drug lords cruising around the streets in search of random travel writers. This is generally the kind of reaction I’ve received whenever mentioning my impending trip…it’s the coffee I’m going for, not the other “C” word; compliments of La Jacoba and Menu Magazine for this amazing opportunity.

Not a great deal has been documented about this region, but what I do know is it’s nestled in the Artiz Valley at the foot of the Andes Mountains against the backdrop of the grumbling Volcano Galeras. Its home to the colourful Carnaval de Negros y Blancos (black and white carnival), the scenic Laguna de la Cocha and grilled guinea pig, aka “cuy,” much to my daughter’s dismay.

So go and make yourself a cup of coffee and enjoy this little taste of what’s to come https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I1Hsk1hHu2Y