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Manila Madness

filed24 Nov 2013 from

We’ve all seen the heartbreaking photos in the wake of Haiyan. And while many of us probably won’t be rushing out to book our next holiday to the Philippines, it’s a shame, because not only do they need tourists more than ever, it’s a fascinating country.

The sprawling metropolis of Manila has many mini cities within its labyrinth and several years ago I took a walking food tour through Chinatown, actually it was more like an eating tour as I tried everything from blood curry to noodles to fairy floss pork to jackfruit. I chickened out (excuse the poultry pun) when it came to eating the national delicacy of duck embryo, balut, but encouraged our guide Ivan for the sake of a photo. He was a good sport, and like most Filipinos, full of infectious enthusiasm for his culture. For the full article please go to Philippines Aflame or enjoy this little photo album.


pink eggs

Eggs dyed pink served for special occasions in Chinese cuisine


Squashed in like sardines

sardines man

What’s for dinner?


Very easy to find one of these

photographing us

Who’s photographing who?

markets manila_edited-1

I wonder who that cute little girl is?

markets manila dumplings_edited-1

So many dumplings, so little time!

man at traffic lights

You never know when you’re going to need a feather duster or soft toy while you’re stopped at the lights

dodgy cabling

Dodgy cabling

curry trays



Manila has some of the worst traffic in the world so no wonder taxi drivers keep their rosary beads close by.


Interior of Minor Basilica of St. Lorenzo Ruiz of Manila (Binondo Church)


Ivan contemplating his fate

chinatown stirfry_edited-1