Australia’s Extra.Ordinary. West wins a GOLD IPPY at the Independent Publishers Book Awards

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I’m thrilled to announce that Australia’s Extra.Ordinary. West has won a Gold IPPY award in the Australia/New Zealand Non-fiction category at the Independent Publishers Book Awards.

IPPY medals at the Independent Publishers Book Awards

Although this isn’t my first IPPY rodeo after having won a Gold IPPY for Artists of the Margaret River Region and a Bronze IPPY for Permanent Impressions: a salute to contemporary heroines (also in the Australia/New Zealand Non-fiction category), winning always feels good.

Permanent Impressions

As a writer, I don’t often get a lot of feedback apart from the odd, “Oh, I loved your article/book on such and such.” As any writer can attest to, much of the magic happens behind the scenes with many hours often spent alone in your own head; it can be a dark and lonely place sometimes. Winning an award helps validate our work while giving recognition.

As confidence boosting as it, creating a book is very much a team effort, including the very people and subjects you’re writing about; without good stories there wouldn’t be any books to begin with. Bringing a story to fruition is another matter entirely and in this instance, Clare McAlaney from Creatavision Publishing was instrumental from the start and right up until the end.

Artists of the Margaret River Region on its way to Margaret River

It all started with an idea and trust me when I say writers have plenty of them, I’m having a Crazy Carmen Idea [CCI] right now in fact. But the trick was harnessing a coffee table book about the entire state into something cohesive and engaging to the reader.

Not all the projects I’ve worked on have been successful, but I’ve always learned a lot from each of them, and sometimes the biggest lessons are the hardest. But as they say, that’s a story for another time…

Thank you to all who have supported Australia’s Extra.Ordinary. West, including our valuable contributors and tourism operators who in many cases risked it all to follow their dreams while often sustaining day jobs, raising families, paying mortgages and running successful businesses. I’m in constant awe of their resilience and dedication and I’m incredibly humbled they came along for the Extra.Ordinary ride.

Broome’s Cable Beach at sunset

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